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Canary Islands
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Canary Islands
Review. Part One
Review. Part Two
Travel expenses. Part One
Travel expenses. Part Two

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Canary Islands
Travel expenses. Part Two.

Moving between the islands There are two ways. By ferry or airplane. Ferries run between all the islands and between the ports on each island. Large companies: Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen. For example, between Fuerteventura (Corralejo) and Lanzarote ferries run every half hour. You can try and extreme variants: the ferry from Puerto del Rosario departs at 11:30 and arrives in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the evening at 18.30. Moreover, the arrival time is not guaranteed and depends on the weather. Most of the time you will be able to watch the east coast of Fuerteventura, and then most likely get a couple of hours of good pitching. However, for most it is tolerated quite easily. In contrast to the cold and the enforced idleness, if not the season and bad weather.

Naviera Armas passenger cabin
Naviera Armas passenger cabin

The ferry has two salons on 170 people each, a number of cabins, two small bars, machines with cigarettes and ice cream, slot machines and deck-solarium. Tickets can be bought right before departure, next to the pier - for 47 euros, or a little cheaper than if take it in advance.

{sdim0273_.jpg}Naviera Armas ferry tickets

Ferries Fred Olsen, in contrast to the Naviera Armas faster, but in the right direction can not be supported.

A more humane way to move to another island - this, of course aircraft. Search technology we already know: go to the site looking for the right airport and the options available. Often, the last day you can find an option, for example, not for 60-80 euros, and for 35 or even 6 euros. Given the fact that the day flies several flights on the same route, buy a ticket is quite real. Of course, provided that you do not have strict time frames and in case of failure will not be little additional cost.

Hotels Another pleasant surprise - the price of the hotel. But here, it's not so clear. Consider the Aparthotels. The price of the room includes a living room with sofa bed and kitchenette (kitchenette), with access to a private balcony or terrace, bedroom and all the usual amenities. In this room can usually live from two to four people. Options with "breakfast" and "guesthouse" will not consider.

Go to booking.com and after a search of the region make the selection by the presence of free internet and parking, if needed. According to the latest options can be a problem: most of the hotels, especially position themselves at a high level, the Internet and free parking is not provided. However, with the Internet you can try to solve the problem yourself by buying a prepaid 3G tariff, which in Spanish is available. A car is not all need, especially near the beach (for example, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria). Nevertheless, even with the internet and parking can be found a few options from 27 to 50 euros per night. It is recommended to add about 2 euros a day for safe, which is in the room, but is charged separately. Television is also presented, and usually some of the main channels are available free of charge - with no news you will not stay.

The quality of the hotel and service in the same price range depends more on the "population" places. For example, for 27 euros a day on Fuerteventura you can get much better service than on Gran Canaria for 50 and above.

Playa del Ingles hotels
Playa del Ingles hotels

Shops and restaurants It is understandable that we should pay attention to the fish restaurants. They are a great many, especially in ports, close to the tourist harbors. Among the proposals is worth noting a large dish with seafood, designed for "more than two." This dish is in the port of Corralejo in the Fuerte costs from 25 euros, on the waterfront in one of the towns of Las Palomas, and between Puerto Rico - from 35 euros.

{sdim0159_600.jpg+sdim0159_.jpg}Menu of the fish restaurant La Playa de Arguineguin, Gran Canaria

Stores are neskomagazine choice is usually higher than in the "mini." For example, fresh fish in the minimarket not sell. Dorado is from 7 to 12 euros/kg. Need to take it before lunch. Prices for other products like in continental Europe, but local fruits and vegetables can be more fresh. Meat more expensive. Excellent local goat cheese of different varieties of 12 euros/kg, the wines from 5.5 to 15 euros. Wines from the continent - from 1.5 euros.

Network shops in the Fuerte - SPAR, HiperDino; on Gran Canaria - the same, plus Auchan, which is a substitute for all major stores.

{sdim0278.jpg}The reverse side of the check from the SPAR and a bus ticket, Fuerteventura

Entertainment Night clubs we leave outside the core costs and try to visit the sights. Almost the same type of amusement parks has almost all the islands. The standard set consists of cacti, parrots, camels, seals and other animals. With plenty of excursions and the opportunity to visit the specialty restaurant. Price is different, and substantially. Previously it was possible, for example, see plants separately. Now there was only one ticket. In the Oasis Park (Fuerte) it costs 18 euros, Palmitos Park (Gran Canaria) - from 28.5 euros.

Oasis Park, Fuerteventura
Oasis Park, Fuerteventura


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