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Canary Islands
Review. Part One
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Travel expenses. Part One
Travel expenses. Part Two

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Canary Islands
Travel expenses. Part One.

Plane tickets (from Finland) The cheapest flight to the Canary Islands you can find flights Ryanair. For residents of the north-west (Russia) is suitable departure from Lappeenranta. For other regions, too, have options, such as through Baltic.

Flying the Atlantic ocean
Flying the Atlantic ocean

Although less convenient, but it is also possible. The total value of tickets in this case amounts to 250 euros for two people on both sides. But, that's all the pros and end. The flight is with a change in Charleroi Dusseldorf. Convenient flight connections difficult to find. In the case of the Canary Islands with airports can not find anything except one or two nights. And the cheapest hotel is not very good quality - from 45 euros per room. More convenient and decent - 75. Total, plus 135-225 euros, not including other costs and time.

The other extreme version of the trip cost - is to look for tickets on sites like Expedia.com. It turned out that the "classic" tickets will cost about $ 3,000. It would seem that the price must be paid back comforts. But there it was: at least one transplant, or two, and an inconvenient time.

Now you can talk about variant, which appears to be optimal. This is not the exact name of companies and airports. This is the description of ticket search technology.

In the Canary Islands four major islands with international airports: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. With them, we should start.

{sdim0014.jpg}Fuerteventura Airport. Arrivals

Select the desired island or two, where you want to go. Find the Airport Site and study schedule. Here we are primarily interested in the city, where arriving aircraft. I assure you that you can find a city to which you simply to reach

Gran Canaria Airport. Departure hall
Gran Canaria Airport. Departure hall

This means that we have found a direct flight. Even if with a transfer, but with convenient connections and a single company. In addition, the Canaries fly discounters, which means an opportunity to find low prices. As a result, was found a ticket for less than 1,000 euros for two at both ends with one convenient connection. Not a bad option, given the lack of additional cost and time savings.

Transport on the islands. Whatever may be said, but public transport on the larger islands is all right.

Puerto del Rosario Bus Station. Fuerteventura
Puerto del Rosario Bus Station. Fuerteventura

Maybe the schedule and find the right route is not so simple, but quite possible. For example, the final stop of main lines are located at airports, there hangs and schedule. At GoogleMap the bus stations can be found in cities. The cost of travel for 6 miles (Fuerteventura Airport - Bus Station) is 1.2 euros if you pay the driver.

Bus Schedule for Puerto del Rosario. Fuerteventura
Bus Schedule for Puerto del Rosario. Fuerteventura
Click to view full size

However, the most convenient way of moving - is to rent a car. You can spend your entire vacation at the hotel with the "all inclusive", occasionally getting out to the beach. But is possible to secure the freedom of movement, taking the rental car.

Bus Schedule for Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
Bus Schedule for Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
Click to view full size

In the Canaries it is much simpler and more natural than in other places. There are a few large firms and many small ones. Rental price of 27 euros per day. The cost of gasoline - 1.05 euros per liter (1.18 - 2012, "98"), which is almost 1.5 times lower than on the continent.

Parking lot of companies who give cars to rent. Fuerteventura Airport
Parking lot of companies who give cars to rent. Fuerteventura Airport

Large companies: Cicar and Top Car. Hertz and the like are also presented. The biggest network of all the islands has Cicar, possible. The car can select and book online, a credit card do not require. Payment on the spot can be in any form and do not exceed the agreed amount in advance. The simple driver licence is needed. The website has a feature: a list of offices, which can order does not correspond to a real office, where you can get or rent a car. This applies to small towns and ports. When in doubt, after (or before), it is recommended to send a reservation request e-Mail to confirm. The earlier the reservation is made, the greater the discount.


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