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Canary Islands
Review. Part One
Review. Part Two
Travel expenses. Part One
Travel expenses. Part Two

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Canary Islands. Review. Part Two

Food, drinking water

In the north of Fuerte pleasant water from the tap - clean, with a slight taste of salt. Iced tea may seem tasteless, but in all other cases, no claims. Such water is an unexpected effect: on the heat is not tormented by thirst, and no desire to bring drinks to the beach. On Gran Canaria, this water is forced to buy at the store. It can be seen, affects more the old system for water purification.

restaurants in the Corralejo harbour
restaurants in the Corralejo harbour

Foods on both islands of reasonable quality are available mainly in the chain stores.

Dorada from the nearest store
Dorada from the nearest store

Two or three monopolists on all the islands with a small number of individual shops. There is a simple network shop ("mini") and there is the central from every network in the major resort centers on Fuerteventura. On Gran Canaria, one the largest shopping center - Auchan. Located just north of the airport. Its presence seems to lead to an artificial limitation of range of shops nearby. For example, it is difficult to find fresh fish, in contrast to the Fuerte.


In the Canary Islands there is a system of free trade that provides lower prices on some goods, compared with Europe.

Corralejo, Fuerteventura
Corralejo, Fuerteventura

If there is a need, it is better to look for large shopping centers and specialty shops on the "Broadway" major resorts.

Fuerteventura, Corralejo
Fuerteventura, Corralejo

From the interesting can be noted summer beach range of products, gifts and cosmetics. Girls emphasize the Aloe Vera which grows here in large numbers.

Roads, Transportation

From the north, east and south the Gran Canaria is straddles highway with three lanes in each direction, 110 km/h. The road is almost perfectly straight, with tunnels through the mountains and hills. At Fuerte roads are not as extensive, almost all high-quality two lanes with the restriction of 90 km / h Many opportunities to stop, there are special stands and areas.

The road through the dunes of Corralejo. A typical parking space at the beach
The road through the dunes of Corralejo. A typical parking space at the beach

Crossroads have a speed limit 40 km/h. A good bus service. Cheap rent a car with a lot of agencies, from 25 euros per day. Cheap petrol - 1.05 euro/liter (2012 - 1.18 euro, "98").

Ferry to Lanzarote. Armas
Ferry to Lanzarote. Armas

Inter-island ferries two major companies, Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen - they are convenient to use for short distances.

Ferry to Lanzarote. Fred Olsen Express
Ferry to Lanzarote. Fred Olsen Express

In other cases it is better to take the local airline tickets, which can sometimes be much cheaper, not to mention the time spent.

Glass Bottom Ferry, Arguineguin (
Glass Bottom Ferry, Arguineguin ("Silent Water"), Gran Canaria


In addition to the classic ocean fishing is available a primitive fishing from the rocks. Any tackle can be purchased at sporting goods stores, or in the gift shop, where the inexpensive fishing rod can lie between the hats and shirts. On coastal rocks can be harvested oysters and mussels, if you are good at this. License is required

Fishing in Cotillo, Fuerteventura
Fishing in Cotillo, Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is the perfect place for all kinds of surfing.

Kitesurfing. Cotillo, Fuerteventura
Kitesurfing. Cotillo, Fuerteventura

Depending on the direction of the wind and waves, you can choose from many western and eastern beaches. Many surf schools for all age groups.

Children's surfing school at the beach Cotillo, Fuerteventura
Children's surfing school at the beach Cotillo, Fuerteventura

You can try by yourself, depending on demand. For example, buying a 10 euro miniboard in a mini-market. Also, there are all conditions for jogging and cycling. On Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura there are many of bike lanes and rent bikes offices.

Cycle paths along the highway. Fuerteventura
Cycle paths along the highway. Fuerteventura

... For details, see in future articles

Surf on the Cotillo beaches, Fuerteventura
Surf on the Cotillo beaches, Fuerteventura


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