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Mass multiplayer online role-playing game. MMORTS. Space real-time strategy

  • Build mines
  • Accumulate resources
  • Build research centers
  • Carry out investigations
  • Build spaceships
  • Explore the planets
  • Attack enemies
  • Colonize new planets

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The game starts with two universes, each universe contains 15 galaxies, each galaxy contains 300 planetary systems. Each planetary system includes 17 planets.

Systems differ in color (temperature) of the sun, location and size of the planets.

You can change the player avatar, name and select any of the 250 available flag. Also you can select a language. Five languages have been available so far: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian.

The game runs internal mail system with a lifetime of 30 days and has a chat with nine rooms, conventionally separated by language.

Chat messages are totally confidential and not stored in the system.

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